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A Good Story Can Either Change Your Life or Make It Feel More Satisfying.

Together, let’s turn the pages of books and life and unravel each story (written and unwritten), one at a time.

Dive in…..

7 Gripping Fantasy Books to Read If You Like Magic

Wizards, fairies, monsters, spells, edge-of-the-seat battles between good and evil- what’s not to like about fantasy books? But fantasy as a genre can be hard to grasp for some readers. (There are those who don’t like Harry Potter😯 but I ain’t judging). But if you are a fan of flying objects, things happening with someone’s […]

Our Favourite Comedian is Gone- And You Can’t Help but Smile

This is the magic of ace comedians- they can’t tolerate you being sad even after they pass away. Because when they are gone, they leave a legacy of their hilarity behind. All you remember is how much they made you give that I-don’t-care-a-thing-in-the-world laugh.

6 Movies That Book Lovers Will Enjoy

Do you love anything that tells you a story? Then it is not a hard guess that apart from being a book lover you are a movie lover too. The rich visual appeal and engaging sound make movies highly impactful. For a book and movie lover, nothing is more exciting than a movie based on […]

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