5 Life Lessons Harry Potter Books Teach Us

We all have been touched by the magical world of Harry Potter. But how many of us have looked at the depths and meanings hidden in the mystical story? Yes, J.K. Rowling is trying to convey much more to us via the magical tale.

Here are some of the life lessons that the well-imagined, magical world of wizards and witches teaches us.

1. Be Courageous.

Lesson no 1- courage

Which is your favourite house at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Most of you must have shouted Gryffindor. Apart from being the house of the central characters, Harry Potter and his best friends, Gryffindor belongs to the most courageous wizards and witches. Throughout their actions, the Gryffindors show us how the best way to face life’s challenges is with courage and a belief in one’s powers.

2. Create Friendships That Will Last a Lifetime.

Lesson no 2- Life long friendship

This one is for those who are reckless when choosing one’s friends. We talk to anyone for a while and regard them as ‘friends’. This book teaches us to choose our friends wisely and stick to them for our whole lives. Of course, if you have friends you really value and adore, you will have no problem staying with them till the end.

3. The Troubles You Face in Life Will Bring Out the Best in You.

Lesson no 3- Hardships are good for you

Hardships are a part of life. But how you look at and deal with them is completely up to you. This book encourages you to enjoy the little adventures in life and be tolerant of the various troubles because, in the end, they will make you a stronger, better person.

4. Be….Humorous!

Lesson no 4- Meet tough situations with laughter

The daily grind of life has made us all so serious and sad. We have all forgotten to always wear a smile, laugh like a child, and have fun. J.K. Rowling reminds us of this in the books by throwing in a comic statement amidst a serious situation. So the next time you are faced with a difficult situation, take a deep breath, and chill- life is too precious to waste on worries (both big and small).

And the Last but the Most Impactful, 


Lesson no 5- Love is a powerful magic

No explanations are needed here. You have to read the series again to experience this!!!

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