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Find or Lose Yourself in the Pages of a Book

Pages of a book- blog

Pages of a book- blog

I came to an end of a tale. But why does my heart race with excitement again? Ahh! It’s time for a new read!

All ardent readers will instantly relate to this feeling. Being interested in other people’s affairs will earn you the tag of a nosy neighbor. But that’s not the case with books. You can happily immerse and indulge yourself in the lives of Harry Potter, Heidi, Hercule Poirot, Robert Langdon, etc., and boast about it without attracting those disapproving glances.

Simply because those characters and their stories are not real but woven together in a plot to entertain, guide, nurture our brains, and even enlighten our souls. That is the sheer magic of books.

Pick a comedy to come out of your sour mood. Go for sci-fi fiction or murder mysteries to serve your adventurous brain. Delve into a light, inspiring book and see your life-changing even as you turn the pages. Because what books do is alter the way we think, the way we look at the world at large, at everything that is around and far beyond us. In short, they make us both near and far-sighted. So that little storyteller you carry with you is not just a paperback but sheer power.

As you open the pages of books, they connects with your inner self, turning you into a better person. When you are a better person, you will make this earth a better place to live in.

So just keep reading and flipping those pages to change yourself and the world!

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