5 Funny Books to Cheer You Up

Life is strange yet beautiful with its sharp bends and straight roads, all fitted alternatively into a person’s lifetime. One must admit, there is immeasurable joy in tears of laughter after you have had a hard time. What is better to give us book lovers comic relief than funny books?

I personally like books that have a meaningful story punctuated by comedy. So here is my list of 5 funny books to read to make yourself burst out laughing while pausing in between in thought and reaching for that tissue sometimes.

1. Five Point Someone

Five Point Someone- Funny books

I know it’s an old book. I know a big banner movie has been made on it. But I find myself returning to it whenever I need a laughter dose. There’s nothing like a familiar story to make you feel comfortable and know which points to avoid and which ones to focus on to make you keep smiling. Chetan Bhagat has written around 10 novels and his first book- Five Point Someone- is the funniest of them all. I simply adore the characters, their hostel life, and the many comedy of errors they find themselves entangled in.

2. A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove- Funny Books

This book is most famous for its emotional story but, after I finished reading it, I could only think of its rib-tickling moments. The story is of a 60ish man with a brooding demeanor. His interactions with other characters in the book are hilarious. The story is of loss and self-realisation with laughter adding uplifting flavours to it. Although it’s a translated work, it’s an easy read. It takes great effort to pause and remind yourself you have another day to read the remaining book because you simply can’t put it down.

3. Anything for Your Ma’am

Anything For You Ma'am - Funny Books

If you like simple and innocent love stories, then pick this book by IITian Tushar Raheja. The book is not very popular and I believe it deserves some attention for its cute storyline and funniness. It’s an easy and quick read that leaves you chortling. This funny book has a number of twists and turns that add spice to the plain story, making it worth a read on a trip or a lazy day.

4. Mrs. Funnybones

Mrs Funnybones- Funny Books

Have you met Mrs. Funnybones? If not, it is time you did. Actress turned author Twinkle Khanna is the writer and main character of the book. This is the only book from the list which is a complete laugh riot with no sad bits. It has interesting chapters from the author’s life told with impressive wit and writing. This story has all the ingredients of a delicious platter with comedy as its main course. Dig in and you’ll end up patting your stomach to digest all the bites of laughter.

5. Paper Towns

Paper Towns- Funny Books

I have read only two books by John Green- one is The Fault in Our Stars and the other is this one. I liked Paper Towns for its unique story and funny liners that make reading this somber book a delight. You’ll be surprised by the many laugh-out-loud moments in the sad and mysterious book.

These funny books are perfect examples of life- with their roller-coaster ride of laughs and cries. I enjoyed reading all these and I hope you will too. Have you read them all?


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