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7 Best Agatha Christie Standalone Mystery Novels

A good murder mystery on a dull day? Yes, sure! Who could make our days more fast-paced than the Queen of Crime herself? Agatha Christie is most famous for her detective novels, particularly those featuring Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Tommy and Tuppence. But here I am not discussing detective novels. I am speaking of mystery novels with genius plots and no detective there to solve the crimes committed.

I am talking about hardcore, spine-chilling mystery novels told, handled, and taken forward by the people who are a part of the story and not an outsider skilled in solving crimes. These feel more real and thrilling than those with detectives coming to the rescue when things take a deadly turn. These standalone Agatha Christie mystery novels will make you shiver, feel stunned, and keep your heart and brain racing….

Are you ready?

1. Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

Bobby got up quickly and came towards the man. Before he got there, the other spoke. His voice was not weak – it came out clear and resonant. “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” he said.

And then a queer little shudder passed over him, the eyelids dropped, the jaw fell. The man was dead.

The adventure seeker Bobby didn’t have to be a part of the story, but his inquisitiveness makes him one. He goes on a journey with his equally adventure-hungry friend to find out what the dying man’s question meant.

Follow this story to find out the dangerous and mind-numbing answer to the simple question, “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?”

2. And Then There Were None

This book has earned the title of being one of the best crime and mystery novels of all time. Set on an isolated island in England, the theme of the novel is intriguingly spooky.

Ten people are invited to the island by a couple who strangely don’t turn up to host their guests. What greets the guests instead is a recorded message that speaks about each one’s past crimes that went unnoticed by the law and how they will be punished for it there.

If you are new to Christie, I strongly recommend starting with this one. It will give you a glimpse into the brilliant mind of the author and make you pick more of her works.  

3. Endless Night

A beautiful sea-viewing site. A man dreaming of building a house there and living with his lady love. But the problem is, the place has a reputation of being prone to eerie accidents.

Endless Night is probably Agatha Christie’s most unusual mystery novel. Told through the voice of the main male character, you don’t realise how the romantic tale turns mysterious and dark. The book may be slow and difficult to follow at the start, but stay patient and you will be rewarded with jaw-dropping twists and revelations.

4. Spider’s Web

Agatha Christie also wrote plays and many of them were turned into full-fledged books. One of them is Spider’s Web, which was novelized by Charles Osborne. Spider’s Web is captivating from the start and leads to a climax that you wouldn’t have guessed in your wildest of dreams. Christie fans may find the book different from the author’s writing style, that is because it has been novelized by Osborne. But the story and the dialogues are Christie’s.  

5. Destination Unknown

This spy thriller drifts apart from the usual mystery novels of Christie. It is about a woman who wants to die but is given the option to die in a thrilling way. She is approached by a man who gives her the exciting-way-to-die offer and we see how the story unfolds into an unexpected adventure. 

I am yet to read this wonderful book and I know it even before I do that I will enjoy it thoroughly.

6. The Unexpected Guest

This is another play turned into a novel by Osborne and is one of my favourites. I don’t think anyone can ever dislike a story that is so brilliantly executed with the right timing of shockers and twists. This mystery novel is about a man who finds himself as an unexpected guest at a house owing to the breakage of his car in foggy weather.

When you pick the book, get prepared to be surprised and thrown into a convoluted story of a woman who claims to have murdered her husband and the unexpected guest who promises to bring her out of this mess.

7. Crooked House

Crooked House, as the name suggests, is a story about a dysfunctional family with the label of being a happy one from the outside. Everything was going fine until the owner of the house is found dead. As the story goes forward, everyone learns that the family is not that happy and perfect after all as each member is under suspicion for the murder. The novel is racy, nail-biting, and makes you itch to reach the end.

These mystery novels ensure you don’t face a single boring day. See you in the next post. Ciao!

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