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Poetry Books You Must Have on Your Bookshelf

Do you always try to come up with poetic lines when talking to a loved one?

Do you often quote your favourite poems to explain a point or draw a conclusion?

Then you are a poetry nerd. Poetry provides the solace that one needs after a hard day. And so poetry nerd or not, one must have poetry books by their side so they can be consoled by them like a best friend and embraced like a lover.

There are plenty of poetry books that provide rejuvenation of the mind, heart, and soul, but I have a list of 5 which I feel everyone should own.

1. Hai To Hai by Deepti Mishra

For die-hard poetry lovers, this book works like an elixir from which you can drink to feel whole again. Dipti Mishra is a well-known name in the world of poetry and this book contains all her masterful works. This poetry book has a diverse collection of poems that will delight and stir the emotions residing deep within you. Some of the poems are so profound, you have to immerse yourself completely to understand them.

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2. Shabdon ke Zalzale by Sunita Sharma

I love this poetess. She is a new author and also happens to be my mother 😀 I feel immensely proud to feature her book here. If you wish to learn about life from an experienced being, turn to this small poetry book. It is filled with poems chronicling life’s many emotions and stages- yearning, wisdom, awareness, hope, agony, love, separation, and surrender.

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3. A Collection of Poems by Robert Frost

Who isn’t a fan of Robert Frost’s iconic- The Road Not Taken? The poet has the knack for making the wilderness feel like home. Most of his poems have nature as the central theme and talk of wild, carefree existence. Fans and readers new to the poet will undoubtedly enjoy this collection of poems that bring together the poet’s best works.

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4. Radha by Leena Saldanha

She is the Radha of the modern world who is lamenting about her separation from her lover Krishna. All the poems are a continuation of the pain and memories that Radha feels and remembers of her love while doing everyday chores. Krishna devotees, in particular, will feel mesmerized and find something to take away from this poetry book by Leena Saldanha.

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5. The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

There’s something about poetry that feels like home, and Rupi Kaur’s poetry feels like the cozy corner of your bedroom. This social media sensation has the quality of making you feel the various emotions of love deeply through her poetry. The Sun and Her Flowers is a gem of a book with colourless illustrations breathing life into the poems.

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Poetry is a glue that binds you to your inner nature and true self. And the world cannot tolerate a person who walks knowing his real worth. So whenever the world threatens to rip you apart from your core, turn to poems to get glued to yourself again. Continue this till you become strong enough to disallow any separation from your true nature. Until then, poems to the rescue!

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