These Closing Lines from 9 Books will Open a New World in You

The last lines of a book are not really the end but the beginning of a new chapter for us readers. As the book ends, a new book starts forming inside us. It is made up of pages of mixed feelings and the imaginations of what happens next. It is indeed a sad feeling when a beloved book comes to an end. But then life is the second name of ‘unstoppable’ as it goes on and you have another book to get lost into. Before you get lost (pun unintended πŸ™‚ ), here are some of the best 9 last lines from books.

These book endings give birth to something new in you.

The Flight of Pigeons- closing lines
A Flight of Pigeons

Set in the India of 1857, somewhere in Shahjahanpur, a young British girl gets captivated by a fierce Pathan who strongly opposes the Britishers. She stays in his captivity for months, fearing and disliking him throughout while he falls head over heels in love with her. But Ruth’s final thoughts about Javed Khan are shockingly mesmerizing and reveal the many layers of humans. The one who can observe it is a true knower.


The Book Thief- closing lines
The Book Thief

Death is the narrator of the story and this is how it ends it. The line itself is haunting, isn’t it?


The Fault in Our Stars- closing lines
The Fault in Our Stars

These final lines uttered by terminally ill Augustus Waters are both heart-tugging and uplifting. The book is filled with such quotes and these ending lines are like an arrow going right through the center of your heart.

Life is a mixed bag, with joy and grief packed in equal quantities. You open the bag of life and get surprises of happiness and sadness one after the other in a non-stop motion. The lines make it hard to say whether it ended on a happy or a sad note. But it ended, and that is what life is.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- closing lines
Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

You may have dangerous uncertainties lying ahead of you but you can still live your present peacefully. Let the future come and become your present to decide how to deal with it. But until then, why not live in the moment with gratitude for what you have, confidence in your abilities, and a belief in the doings of the creator?


Who Kissed Me in the Dark? Closing lines
Who Kissed Me in The Dark?

This closing line could have different meanings for different people. For some, it could mean that memories are to be remembered and lived once again in our heads. But are all memories worth a revisit? Isn’t it best to make those memories lie at the dark corners of our minds, gathering dust? Let not all memories be remembered.

For others, it could mean that some memories are so sacred, they should not be disturbed by constant revisits. Just like how you don’t touch a revered idol in a temple but worship it from afar….


Radha- closing lines

This feeling of completeness and contentment! Nothing could have been a better ending for a book that speaks of Radha’s unending love and longing for Krishna.


The Forest of Enchantments- closing lines
The Forest of Enchantments

Ahh! Love. This is Sita uttering her final lines about her forgiveness and undying love for Ram in spite of all she was put through by him. This is the helplessness of one in love. The ones who love cannot show their backs to their beloveds because of circumstances and changed behaviors. Love is an ocean that can never dry up, never become less, and never cease to captivate the explorers. Ahh love!!!


5 Point Someone- closing lines
5 Point Someone

This closing line never fails to make me feel ‘Why did this have to end?’ The ending always, always makes me want to go back to the fun chapters and live them once again. Always.


Half Girlfriend- closing lines
Half Girlfriend

These closing lines do more to motivate one who’s losing heart in what one’s doing than those lengthy and complicated self-help books. Clearly, you should do what you are doing without quitting. You will get there one day.

May books continue to surprise, inspire, and awaken us as much with their stories as their closing lines. More power to you storytellers.


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