Life’s Purpose

Jay is a musician. His interest in music started when he was 6 years old. He was walking alone on a road without anywhere to go. It was then that he passed by a shop with transparent glasses. The shop had doors with tinkling bells. Every time anyone came in or went out of the shop, they tinkled. That is what attracted him first. Someone was coming out of the doors when Jay caught the sight of a boy sitting on a chair in front of a piano, playing it. The sound of the piano travelled towards Jay, who was curiously standing in front of the shop. That was the day that Jay’s love for music started. And it grew with Jay.

From the time he heard the tinkling bells and the following tune of the piano, he started hearing music in everything around him. In the sound of someone talking excitedly. Someone walking in high heels. A bag opening. A silent mourning. All this created a tune in his mind. A tune he will later develop into music.

Music was the path he walked on. Music was the destiny the path led to. Music was the wings that carried him to the world above. Music was his world.

Now Jay is 80 years old. He is about to die peacefully with his beloved musical instruments beside him. They resemble people sitting beside a deathbed of a loved one. When you love something so deeply, it breathes and behaves like a human being. And music is God.

His eyes close and his music leaves his body to reunite with the creator. It will wait until he takes another form to come back to him.

You only need one purpose in life. One big thing that can make you stay calm within and give out joy and love. Life is all about finding that purpose and making it an inseparable part of you.

Inspired by the movie 99 songs.

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