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Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern - book review

Cecelia Ahern is a well-known author whose P.S. I Love You is one of the highest selling novels and which has been turned into a motion picture. But there are many books written by the author that are not so widely known and read. One of them is Lyrebird. It released in 2016 and I only read it around a year ago. I was looking for another book by Ahern after reading and enjoying her How to Fall in Love. The name, the book cover, and the story attracted me to pick this one up. Here’s my review of Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern.

Genre – Contemporary romance served with a slice of fantasy.

Pages– 448

Special Thing About the Book – Its storyline is so unique; you might have not come across anything like it before.

What’s the Book About?

A naive young girl is living deep into the woods, away from the world. She has a unique talent as is often found in people who avoid the public eye and crave solitude existence. She can mimic almost any sound with astounding perfection. People who later find her nickname her Lyrebird- a species with an incredible mimicking talent.

She is Laura who is discovered by Solomon and his crew; they are making a documentary on her. They give her a chance of making it big in showbiz and lead a life very different from her current one. Laura accepts the offer and sets out of her comfort zone. The story then moves on to show us how an innocent person’s life turns upside down as she steps into the big, wide, selfish world.  At the heart of this tale is a love story that is charming and magical.

The Book Wins Top Marks for Its

  • In-depth description of flora and fauna.
  • Brewing romance that adds spark to the emotional and often mysterious story.
  • A fantasy angle woven brilliantly into the main plot with the female lead having this extraordinary quality of mimicking everything from forest noise to a man’s voice.
  • Flowy and smooth writing style that is found in every Cecelia Ahern book. It makes reading the story highly delightful.

The Book Loses Marks for Its

  • Portrayal of Laura’s past. Great emphasis on Laura’s story stretches it unnecessarily, making it slow, boring, and long. You want to know what’s happening in the present instead of going back to the uninteresting and mostly unrelated past.
  • The final round of the competition Laura participates in is a put downer. The start of the competition and the rounds before the finals are much more exciting.

My Ratings

Keeping all things in mind, it is a decent read. I enjoyed the book for its writing, distinct tale, and love story. It’s a 3 star book for me.  

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    • I am yet to read PS. I Love You. I have read a couple of other books of hers and always felt her stories are one time reads. Now I seriously need to pick PS.
      Thank you for reading the review and your comment.

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