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Dancing Under the Stars

It was a beautiful, beautiful evening. It was dressed in its stunning two tone of deep purple and light black. I too dressed to match the approaching night. Together we looked like sisters separated by bodies.

Suddenly, I could see a a tiny star twinkling. Then one, two and then so many! And lo! I started dancing.

I knew you were watching me nearby. But I didn’t call you to join this time. Because you have ruined my dances before. So I close my eyes and continue my trance under the glowing stars.

Swish, swish – thus came the sound from the ocean. It seemed to give beats to my moves. It was perfect. But then, you were there too.
And I didn’t bother to share my joy with you.

What is that?
Why did you interrupt my otherworldly dance?”
I stopped mid twirling and shouted at you. But you just stood there at the ocean’s mouth, with a long face asking to join me in the universal game.

Ohh! that face. That innocent, love dripping face of yours. It’s too much to take.

“Okay”, I say with great self control.
“Come dance with me in this open sea and sky.
But never cross my path.
Remember, we are two beings dancing on the edge of this universe.
Two lone dancers.
Under the tiny silver disco balls
And with the beats by the lapping water.

Don’t forget
We are two like the sky and ocean
Not one like man and nature.

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