4 Places to Read that Every Book Nerd Needs to Be Aware Of

4 Places to read that every book nerd needs to be aware of

What are you reading currently? Or should I say WHERE are you reading currently? As you know it yourself, place matters a lot when you are reading. Yes, an avid reader can read anywhere- the noisiest and most uncomfortable of places become unimportant when the book you are reading is engrossing. But sometimes, you really prefer a quiet corner so you can dive into your favourite world without any efforts. So if you are struggling to find places to make yourself comfortable and have a good read, here are some of the best reading spots to try. Take note, some of these may become your favourites.

By the Window

Places to read- one- Reading spot near the window.

Slow breeze, ample natural light, and silence. This great combination is ideal for a read. If you haven’t already created a corner for yourself to go and read near the window, I suggest you do it now. You can hang a swing chair near the window. Or you can create a sitting area beneath it. Include fluffy pillows, warm quilt, and some bright plants for added comfort and coziness.

On the Bed

Places to read- two- Reading on the bed

This might seem quite obvious, but that doesn’t underline the comfiness of lying on the bed and reading. Grab a corner when reading a mushy romantic novel. Sit in the middle when reading an intense and dramatic story. Or sit at the edge when engaged in an unputdownable thriller. A bed gives you variety and also lets you adjust your settings according to the book you are reading.

In a Book Café

Places to read- three- Book cafe

Libraries may be more suitable but there is a certain charm in book cafes that’s appealing and comforting. Book cafes welcome you into the world of words with their tastefully designed shelves, walls, and cozy reading corners. Plus, you have delicious coffee and snacks to fill the gaps between reading and you can return to your book with renewed energy.

Under a Tree

Places to read- four- Reading under a tree

The cooling shade of a tree creates the perfect ambience for peaceful reading. Of course, finding such a spot in metros can be tough, but if you try, you may come across one or many around your locality. You don’t have to go search for it far and wide. Take the same routes you take every day. But this time, instead of rushing past like a hurricane, go slowly looking specifically for trees with a clean sitting area beneath. This way you are sure to spot some- the same places you never paid attention to before have been waiting there for you for years.

I have exhausted my list of places to read. If you have some more places in mind, do share them. The more there are the better!

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