Lover in the Sky

Moon in the Night Sky

The platform no. 6 is crowded. Crowded is an understatement; it is so filled with people that you cannot even see the platform below!

Some of the people on the platform are so restless that they cannot stand in one place and keep bumping into others, and some look so tired that they can’t even move their eyes and are staring into the distance as if transfixed.

Some of them are loudly and quickly talking over the phone, while some are giving others a loathsome look.

Only Antara looks like she belongs to another world- devoid of the irritation, frustration, and tiredness that has enveloped people all around her.

She has a soft smile on her lips. She is humming a tune, at a volume that can be heard only by her, so as not to disturb the already frustrated people around her.

While everyone is distracted by the heat and crowd, Antara is caught by the dark black sky. It has a few stars and a full moon.

My God! What a beautiful sight! How can anyone ignore this and be lost in whatever that is troubling them? She thought.

Anyway, forget everyone! At least, I should not let go of this pleasant moment. The sky today looks divine with the stars appearing like its many twinkling eyes. The moon is like the big dot on the sky’s forehead. The night sky is a lady who likes to dress up!

This moon-filled sky reminded her of someone. Yes, her lover!!! Who else had the quality to calm her amid disturbances?

Thus, Antara stands there enjoying a private embrace from her beloved without anyone noticing.


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