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6 Movies That Book Lovers Will Enjoy

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Do you love anything that tells you a story? Then it is not a hard guess that apart from being a book lover you are a movie lover too. The rich visual appeal and engaging sound make movies highly impactful. For a book and movie lover, nothing is more exciting than a movie based on books or featuring books as a great part of its story. Literary movies are inspiring and kindle a love for books in an unexpected way. Plus, they give you a break from imagining the written world in your head.

So here are some goody movies featuring books that I am sure you will like.

1. The Book Thief (2013)

Based on the book by the same name, this movie is moving and enlightening at the same time. It is a story about a girl named Liesel who lives at the time of the Nazis. She discovers the joy of reading and realises how it makes her escape the grim realities of the world around her. Since she can’t afford to buy books, she steals them. The best thing about the story is its narrator. The story is not told by any human but death! It chooses hair-raising and thought-provoking words to tell this tragic tale of destruction, grief and the girl who brings happiness to anyone she meets by reading them books.

I have not read the book (I find it difficult to pick books after I’ve watched their movie adaptations first), but I loved the movie. I have already watched it twice and I might do so again.

Watch it on – Prime Video

2. Notebook (2019)

No, this is not inspired by the popular novel by Nicholas Sparks but a Korean movie. Notebook is a unique love story with a book (or a notebook, precisely) playing an important part in it. The female lead, a teacher, pours her heart out in a notebook and leaves it in the drawer of her school’s classroom. The male lead, also a teacher, discovers the notebook and falls indefinitely in love with its owner.

The film is nothing like a regular love story, it has depth and emphasizes the importance of falling in love with oneself before with someone else. Absolutely charming.

Watch it on– Prime Video

3. You’ve Got Mail (1998)

You’ve Got Mail is one of the best movies for book lovers. It is a mushy, feel-good romantic movie about books that will leave you brimming. It is about Kathleen Kelly, owner of a small bookshop, and Joe Fox, owner of a big bookstore. Both become rivals when they meet but they are more than good friends on the Internet where they converse with each other anonymously.

This Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks starer is dripping with love and feel goodness. Even its starting credits are alluring. And this movie somehow made me get infatuated with Tom Hank’s voice. A must-watch.

Watch it on – YouTube

4. Finding Neverland (2004)

Those who like stories about authors and their journeys, Finding Neverland should be their next watch. There’s so much to like about this movie. Johnny Depp to start with! It is based on the life of playwriter J. M. Barrie and takes us into his personal life and how he found inspiration for his iconic story- Peter Pan.

The film also stars the remarkable Kate Winslet and she and Depp together create magic with their chemistry and acting. It is delightful, delightful and shouldn’t be missed, especially by book lovers.

Watch it on – Prime Video

5. Sanam Teri Kasam (2016)

It is loosely inspired by Eric Segal’s bestselling novel ‘Love Story.’ I like it when Hindi movies show the main characters as readers or workers in a bookshop/library. In this movie, the heroine works at a lending library and crushes on her colleague. A guy (he is a baddie hero) comes to the library and asks her to recommend him a book. And here starts a love story that becomes more and more interesting as it moves forward.

The performance by the main lead is fabulous and they make watching this romantic saga more enjoyable.

Watch it on– Zee5

6. What’s Your Raashee? (2009)

A person taking cues from a book to make a crucial life decision. Now that’s a big appealer for a book lover.

This movie is over 3 hours long but not a single moment of it is yawn-worthy. Yogesh needs to get married in a few days due to some unexpected circumstances and is looking for a prospective wife. He finds a book about the 12 zodiac signs and decides to meet 12 girls belonging to each sign.

There are laud-worthy performances by everyone. Harman Baweja is endearing in every scene and Priyanka Chopra is skillful in her portrayal of 12 different personalities.

Watch it on- Netflix

This was my list of the best movies about books. I hope you will add them to your watchlist.

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