A Chance Meeting

I saw him today. He was sitting on the lone bench under that beautiful tree in that soothing garden, immersed in his…what was he reading? Ah! A newspaper. Except, it didn’t look like one. He held it so reverently, it didn’t seem like a newspaper at all but a beloved piece of written work. His face was completely hidden by the newspaper. He was reading the news and the news was reading him, it seemed.

Even from this distance, I could tell that he was a reader. A lover of reading. This, I think, was why I was observing him so much. Or because he was simply standing out sitting in that park.

Whatever the reason, he was a sight! I enjoy observing people, things, and my surroundings. It comes naturally to me. But him… I could spend forever watching him if that was ever possible. How I wish! He was like a human magnet that attracted my gaze towards him, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to look around and read my book instead, but every time my eyes would dart back to him. What a strange feeling even before I had seen his face.

After some 10 -15 minutes, he appeared out of his newspaper, just half so. And I saw a beautiful face engrossed in the news or article he was reading. That face. It took me somewhere else. I wondered if a human can be so beautiful, how much more beautiful will the one who created us all be?

I was lost in my thoughts when those eyes suddenly caught mine. I didn’t realise I was unblinkingly staring at him. I got startled and didn’t know what to do. I just kept staring and his frown increased. Seriously!! What was I thinking? Why couldn’t I take my eyes off him? Why couldn’t I move?

The staring thing continued for about a minute. Just a minute. But it seemed like an eternity.

And then HE had the decency to look away, then was the contact broken. But surprisingly enough he didn’t go. He folded the newspaper and looked about his surroundings. This time, I covered my face in my book and kept looking at the same page till it was no more possible because the sky dimmed its light.

When it got dark, we both stood up to leave. While getting up he saw me again. Held my gaze just like that again. I couldn’t move. I was turned halfway to the other side with my face towards him, just hanging there. He did something like a salute to me- it could have meant ‘bye-bye and hope to never see you again’, or ‘it was nice meeting you.’

Before I could realize anything, he was gone, never to be seen again. And just like that my whole being lit up. I was filled with joy- joy so sudden, so new, so natural, joy without a reason. A butterfly carrying wings of sunlight, wind, and affection danced around me. And my heart danced with it while my external being stayed rooted to the spot.

I am still standing (dancing) there.


6 responses to “A Chance Meeting”

  1. Hi Niharika,

    I can relate to this, remembering my own memories of the past.😂

    If I’m not wrong this post has been written with a good observation of daily life and a bit of imagination.

    Another poossible title of “A Chance Meeting” can be “staring”, as it’s the theme of this post.

    You do not need googling facts, blog posts like this one demands sharp observation and focus.

    I enjoyed reading your post. That’s the true reason shaping my blogging journey.

    Keep writing. You are a good writer and reader.✍🏻

    • Hi Lokesh,
      Thanks a lot for such great words of appreciation. These are so encouraging and gladdening. 😊
      Staring is close to the theme of the post but using it as a title might give the story a cringey vibe. 😅

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