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Interesting Other Names for Writers

What’s in a name, a famous poet once said. But when it comes to identifying yourself with it, everything is. Writing is a creative process and it needs a fittingly creative and unique name. Do away with calling yourself a writer, a poet, or a storyteller. There are many synonyms for a writer, based on the type, and it’s time writers introduced themselves differently.


This is a cool, gen Z name for writers. Many bloggers like to be called Scribblers, and rightfully so. The word belongs to someone who writes for a living or as a hobby.


This is one of the best words to describe a good writer. Those who consider words their real friends should feel free to introduce themselves as Wordsmiths. Another reason why it is a great synonym for writer is that it has a classy feel with a vintage touch that sets you apart.


There is something caring and affectionate about the word ‘maker’ applied to someone who creates. Hey poet, you are no longer a poet but a Verse-Maker. Classic!


There are various forms of poetry and the most popular are the ones that have rhyming lines. If your poetry has the rhythm of rhyme then you are a Rhymist. Stunning, no?

Man/Woman of Letters

I am a Woman of Letters. Ah! It sounds so poetic and beautiful.


Play writers, listen up! Here’s a more dramatic word to describe you.


Can’t help but write about tragedies? Then don’t mourn, you are a Tragedian.


Here is a dreamy word to describe a person who is absorbed in literary passions. If you are always found reading, writing, shopping for books, or visiting places/events that enhance your knowledge and love for literature, you are a Literarian. Be proud.


Have you written a book? Then instead of the usual author, here is a fancier name to describe you- Bookwright.

Word Slinger

Do you know a few hacks and tricks about creating compelling write-ups? Do you know how to create engaging written work by throwing in captivating words and phrases? Congratulations, you have earned the title- Word Slinger.

If you are looking for names for your blog, these could serve as great options. I wish I could find these names earlier. But I am happy with mine😊

Which one of these creative names for writers appealed to you most? Practice saying that whenever someone asks about your profession or hobby.

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