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My Special Place

All of us have a place to go to, a place to relax, a place alone…a place where we find all our answers….a place where we find ourselves…..

I also have such a place or should I call it a place? It’s a part of me. Or simply, it is me.

You see, it is not the physicality of a place but a state where you stay mostly or want to all the time, wherever you are and whenever you have time.

It has a physical location also. For me, it’s in my house.

This place means everything to me, I’ve been spending time here since…I don’t even remember. How even more special it makes it! Not even remembering when, how, what, and why of things? As if it was always this way. Like something with no beginnings and endings.

Now, what happens if we shift someplace else? Will I lose my place? Or will I find another one? Either way or another, I don’t like the sound of it.

It is not meant to be lost, it never was. Only when we get entangled in this world, in others, in things, only when we forget- we think we’ve lost it. No, we don’t even think, we cannot even realize in our foolishness that we are missing something. Something we can’t live without. It is that place. Keep it safe, it is your shelter, your place. Keep it safe. It is not meant to be shared with anyone. Keep it to yourself.

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