Wishing You a शुभ दीपावली 🪔

Lighting phuljhadis. Dancing over rolling chakris. Watching in awe as anars or flowerpots sparklingly rose upwards. As a kid, I loved celebrating Diwali this way. But as years went by I realised Diwali is much more than bursting firecrackers, dressing up in your newly shopped clothes, enjoying delicious meals, and receiving goodies and cash. I still don’t know how much I have imbibed the true essence of the festival, but here’s sharing a creation on it.

Lighted diyas burn to tell you a story
A story of how their raindrop like shape invites
The snake like cotton to lie leisurely in the pool of oil
And with the touch of a matchstick
How it lights up to let the world catch a glimpse of hope in it
Hope that says you are not alone in this darkness. I am there, I am there, I am there….

These tiny, earthen diyas not only hold light in them
They also hold love, laughter, and life
Bath your soul in them while they are still burning
For they will ignite the diya present in your very own heart
And keep it burning forever and ever!

Happy Diwali!!! I wish us all success in lighting up our lives and of those around us.


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