Can You (Not) Keep a Secret?

Hey my dear, how are you?

It has been a month since I gave you this letter. I am happy you have done as told- to not open the letter till a month goes by.

I can understand how difficult it must have been to contain your curiosity, confusion and desire while you kept the unopened letter with you. Well, let me not build on them. 

I’ll reveal the secret to you now, and quickly.

So listen, I mean read (😁).

Did you find the bottle that was wrapped inside the letter? I can almost imagine how the bottle must have smoothly rolled out onto your lap as you opened it. 

The beautiful little bottle contains a clear liquid. It is most precious. The reason behind telling you to wait for a month to open the letter was the liquid needed that much time to reach its full powers and capacity. 

Please go on, take a small sip of it. Only a small sip. How does it make you feel? Elated? Content? Compassionate? Wiser? 

This liquid is a complex concoction, containing a bit of the –

Warmth of fire,

Vastness of sky,

Lightness of clouds, 

Pureness of holy water, 

Strength of earth,

Uplifting scent of a flower,

Soothness of bird song

And all the best and irreplaceable things in the world.

This potion will soothe pain, not that of the body, but the heart. It will bring solace, happiness and a feeling of being loved to the lonely and sad. 

Come on, take one more drop of it. Now, are you feeling your best? 

True, I have made this potion for you. But if you find someone who needs it like you do, do not hesitate to share.

Give this potion to anyone who’s suffering from the demons within. 

You have been trusted with a secret that should not be kept hidden! Can you (not) keep this secret?

Yours naturally,


Writing prompt by YourQuote Baba.

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