Rising or Setting Sun- Your Pick?

Sunrise or sunset- which one do you love the most? I like the sunset the most. Nothing else compares to the joy and nice feeling I get from it. How wonderful it will be I imagine, sitting every day and not doing anything. Just sit beside the setting sun. How soothing that would be! You feel that way just by imagining this. What will happen if you actually do it, be in it! I would love all my evenings to go that way. But often, my evenings go in useless activities and worries.

And sunrise, it brings with it a new day. What would it be to stand beside the rising sun and be new and pure like it? But instead, we are the same old us from yesterday or the day before or many days before yesterday…just relax, calm down, for once, let go of everything. Just be in the now. Be quiet and listen to the sounds you never heard before. Get lost in your own space and you’ll never get lost again. Because like a guiding light, the rays of the rising and setting sun will always be there for you, smiling down on you and reminding you that life is worth living, every minute of it.


7 responses to “Rising or Setting Sun- Your Pick?”

  1. I love sunsets too. Personally, for me it’s a reminder from God that I did well today, and I can end it beautifully.

  2. Great post. I like both. Sunsets beckon the end of a day we are ready to see go and sunrises beckon the begin of a new day filled with new opportunities.

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