My Single Goal for 2023 is to Be Happy

How are you all? Well, I have had a crazy past month which doesnโ€™t appear to become sane any time soon. The entire 2022 was madder for me and my family. It started with all of us contracting the C virus and ended with my mother being hospitalised for her long-ignored diseases. Somewhere around March, there was the biggest and last fight between my mom and dad that resulted in them not talking to one another for around 8 months. Then sometime later my 26 year old sister slipped into deep sadness because of being still clueless about her career and the toxic home environment. And then, close to the end of the year, there was the unofficial separation of my parents.

The year brought with it some good things too. I went on two solo trips (my first ones), listened to Javed Ali, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan, and Adnan Sami perform live in separate concerts, and started this blog.

This New Year went without any celebrations for me but I have one big goal in mind to make it beautiful. And that is to be happy, no matter what. I know itโ€™s a big goal but I plan to achieve it. I want to be happy all the time, in all situations, and around all people. I feel the past year has been a test for me, preparing me for any situation to crack my final exam of achieving unshakable happiness.

I can do it. I have to do it. If I am happy, I can be healthy and mentally stable and thus can do what I wish to do and be of help to others too. Here is how I plan to make my dream of what I want to achieve this year a reality.

Focus on the Present – One Thing at a Time

In both difficult and happy times, our minds make us look beyond today and think of what the future might hold. I want to get rid of this and focus on moving forward one step at a time. I want to be present in the now- no matter if it is not so good.

Find Solutions to My Problems

Most of our unhappiness comes from our unresolved problems. We either wish for others to solve it or just sulk about it. I want to be able to find a solution to each and everything that is troubling me and my family thus paving way for a relaxed and surreal inner environment that inevitably leads to a blissful feeling.

Speak Less

Most of the time, the root cause of my sadness is the way I speak. I am not a communicator; I simply lack the skill to communicate my feelings and thoughts. I canโ€™t help but shout them out using any word that first comes to my head. This causes a lot of heartbreaks and fights. I always spend a good part of the day in my room, crying over what I said. I wish to avoid this to keep myself and others around me sane.

Smile More

I have experienced this and yet I forget about it during tough times. Smiling helps a lot to lift up the tension bothering me. And the best thing is it uplifts the hearts of my close ones and gives them the hope that everything will be fine. Smiling faces are way more preferable than long faces burdened with worry.

Be Kinder

I tend to be highly critical of people and situations and even myself. Kindness teaches us to see people as they are without our filters of good and bad. I want to be kinder to all souls including myself.

I donโ€™t know when my next post will be, given my current situation but I hope to post soon.

Take care! And Happy New Year.


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