Stars in the Sky

Stars in the sky

They are most bright

Most beautiful tonight

They are not in abundance

But just a few here and there

The wind runs with quick steps

Making the hair on my arms stand

It is so strong it feels like

It is blowing the stars farther apart

Stars in the sky

Each one of them

Seems to whisper an invitation to me

And I?

I have just the smallest of times to look into their eyes,

have a chat with them,

spend some time with each one of them

I am in love with the stars in the sky

They make me forget the worldly woes

And drop to the end of the ocean of self

Of my own self

Of my real self

You also come with me

Leave the world behind

Just for a little while

Look up at the stars in the sky

And be lost in your true self

Then nothing else will matter

Will it?


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