A Must-Visit Quaint Bookstore in Pondicherry

Bookstore in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is vibrant with its French style architectural buildings, lively beach spots, and picturesque cafes serving delicious meals and beverages. One thing that the place is not so well known for is its bookstores. This needs to change, I feel. Although, I have been to just one bookstore in Pondicherry, it was enough to make me believe that the place has some gems for book lovers that are hiding from the eyes looking for only some fun.

Book Basket- Pondicherry Bookstore

The place is a heaven for a grieving heart who is also a book lover. I was that person because my mother was not well, and this was a rare trip we could afford. My cousin brother said we should start it by visiting a bookstore. My heart did a little dance. The bookstore added some strength and life in me. I felt so light and happy. This is what books do to me. I realised then that my love for books was a lot deeper than I thought.

Pro Tip– If you know a book lover who is sad, just take them to a bookstore or buy them a book online. And see them smile in no time.

The Bookstore and Its Book Collection

  • Bookstore in Pondicherry
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The bookstore is located inside an old yellow colour building with not-so impressive interiors. But it doesn’t need to be fancy and beautiful. It displays books in a fashion that they themselves uplift its look and feel. This bookstore is quite large and you can easily move from section to section exploring the various collection. It has books on stands rather than shelves and this gives it an old-world charm and spaciousness.

Book Basket has a diverse collection of books. There are so many books in there that you can easily overlook some titles. There is hardly any genre that the bookstore doesn’t have. There is popular fiction such as romance, thrillers, sci-fi, non-fiction/autobiographies, classics, comics, children’s literature, and even erotica.

The Cost of Books

All the bookstore pictures are clicked by my sister.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know the costs of the books at this bookstore. The store offers great discounts on various categories. Most of the books are available at a special price, which is much lesser than the actual cost. It also has books that cost as less as Rs. 20. The superbly low and affordable prices could be due to the books not being first copies. But that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone as all the books are in top condition.

The three books I bought from here cost me a total of Rs. 399. Great deal, right?

The Books I Bought from the Bookstore

I bought three books from the store. I would have bought more if my budget allowed me and the lacking space in my suitcase didn’t flash before my eyes.

These were the titles I picked- two of which I hadn’t heard of before.

Draupadi- The Tale of an Empress by Saiswaroopa Iyer

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella

Never Go Back by Lee Child

All different genres.

Only time will tell how my purchases turn out.

Overall Experience

I spent a good hour or so in this feel-good bookstore in Pondicherry and emerged lightheaded and smiling. I urge you to check out this little gem when in Pondicherry.


Book Basket- Indian and Imported Books

No. 6, St Ange Rd, MG Road Area, Puducherry, 605001.

According to Google, it is open on all days.


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