All of Us are Living Under His Kind, Watchful Gaze

A man who is the poorest person of all. He has nobody. He sleeps anywhere he finds a place. He remains hungry for months and months and whatever he gets to eat are scrapes and leftovers.

He gets into the ladies’ compartment of a local train, not knowing or caring that it is only for ladies. He wears torn clothes and they are the only pair he has.

How does his mind work, what does he think, why he acts the way he does- can anyone know this except him? What thoughts might he be having about God? Does he even know there is a God? Why such a life? Isn’t his life worth?

He must have done something in the past to deserve such a life, you say? Then what will you say when I tell you that in his next birth he becomes a saint? Yes, difficult to digest. But true. Our actions are important. Our thoughts are what define us. But don’t ignore His compassion, which equally spreads towards all. It is there everywhere. Just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Just look up for a second. Divert your busy minds for a minute. Remove your eyes from your screens for some time and look around you.

What do you see? There it is- the sun, its rays, the clear blue sky, the trees lost in their own world. His compassion is glowing in them all. We just need to see and feel. His compassion gives us both light and darkness. We need to accept both smilingly to make each moment beautiful.

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