5 Romance Books to Cuddle up With

Valentine’s Day was yesterday. I am not a big fan of the day (one day in a year for love?!?) but it made me want to talk about love. Talk about books about love, that is. A romance book can never go out of fashion. No matter how many you read, you can never be bored of them. Because love is our sole requirement in this life. Whatever we do, without love it is dull. It is the reason we breathe.

Yes, we want that fast food,

that beverage with the right amount of sugar and creamy layer

that favourite TV show with humour and emotions

that nice vacay,

that work payment,

that sleep

But add showers of love and romance in between these

and we are flying

light on our feet.

ये तो कविता हो गयी 😁

1. Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

Don’t listen to those endlessly criticizing reviews. Don’t go by the movie. Pick this book to know how beautifully romantic it is. And deep. I have read this book several times and is one of my favourite books to read when I am feeling a little loveless. You need to have an open and acceptive mind to read this book and grasp the true meaning of love that the author meant for you to understand. I have listened to some bloggers ranting about how bad this book is, how badly it is written, and joke about its title. Mostly, the reviewers have not read the book properly or were biased against the author. True, Chetan Bhagat has written some bad books but this is not among them. So read this with an open mind and heart- it will talk to you.

2. The Shiva Series by Amish

The Shiva Trilogy by Amish

He is Shiva – a man who journeys on the path of becoming a God from a mortal. She is Sati- who he meets on the journey and falls madly in love with. Their love is so powerful and genuine that it stays with them till the very end. Adding fire to fuel is the action, adventure, and mystery-packed story that makes you want to keep reading. The 3 part story is electrifying with action and mystery but the unending love between the main leads is what adds life to it. If you have already read the series, try reading it again for the romance.

3. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

A girl with a rare disease falling in love with a charming boy. This love story is cute and adorable. The unique and hilarious illustrations make it an entertaining read. Later, there comes a twist in the story that throws you off balance.

Everything, Everything is endearing, deep, moving, and shocking. But the romance is its star. A bright star.

4. Ladies’ Tailor by Priya Hajela

Ladies' Tailor by Priya Hajela

Though this book is largely about life during and after the partition, a love story is an important aspect of it. Without it, this book would have been like a soulless body. The love and attraction that Gurdev and Noor feel for each other but can’t fully express are what add sparks of hope and happiness to the dark story. Read this to know how even life’s horrors can seem manageable and its challenges can be taken head-on with a lover by your side.

5. Falling in Love Again by Ruskin Bond

Falling in Love Again by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond describes the feelings of being in love like he describes nature and its beauty. Charismatically, magically, and endearingly. If you have lost faith in love, then Falling in Love Again is the book to pick to nurse your hurt-by-love heart back only to break it again. Because that is the true nature of love- to break you deep from within. Through the 19 stories in the book you go through a whirlwind of love emotions-from amusement to pain to longing to hopefulness to amazement to happiness.

Did you like these unique romance book recommendations? I hope you go on a memorable date with these romantic novels.


3 responses to “5 Romance Books to Cuddle up With”

  1. I think I have read Half Girlfriend but can’t remember. Ruskin Bond is a wizard of words and emotions and am sure his collection will be something to keep you going. I did not like Amish Trilogy , sorry. But Ladies Tailor sounds interesting.

    • You might want to read Half Girlfriend again.
      And yes Ruskin Bond is a magician whose wand of words hits you deep bringing out a spurt of emotions.
      I understand not everyone may resonate with Amish’s Shiva Trilogy, that’s okay.
      I would highly recommend Ladies’ Tailor- it’s beautiful.

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