A Tale of Two Pigeons

Once there were two pigeons

Looking for homes for themselves

They wanted to build their nests where they could live together forever

But where could they build it?

As far as their eyes could see

There were buildings upon buildings

The buildings stood where there were trees once

The pigeons’ real home

So they looked at each other and shrugged

Maybe one of these house’s windows was to be their new home

They tried the window nearest to them

One brought sticks and grass and passed it to the other

Who neatly laid them together

They were soon about to create a lovely home

And then-

“OH NO! Pigeons in my window!!”

The owners of the house exclaimed

They couldn’t tolerate their beautiful, dirt-free windows to

Be used by forest beasts!

The owners thus flew the expectant pigeons away

The birds were beaten, clapped at, and flown away angrily

They would obediently fly away

Only to return the next time and meet the same angry results

This tired the male pigeon and he said,

“Let us build it somewhere else.”

Second window

Third window

Fourth window

No luck with building their home

Only anger, despair, and dejection

The pigeons finally flew away

These pigeons remind me of the ill-fated lovers of the world

Who, like the pigeons, want to live together

But the world cannot tolerate them in their so called ‘rule and certain standard abiding’ society

Here arises a question-

In this war of love and hate

Why does hate wins every time?

Here’s the answer-

Because love is love

It cannot raise its hand or voice like hatred can

Love can only run away from it

As far away as possible….


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