10 Unique Gifts for People Who Love to Read

Have you run out of ideas for what to give your book-loving friend? Bored of the usual mugs, book sets, diaries, and gift cards? Here are 10 brilliantly unique gifts to surprise the book lovers in your life with.

1. Book Quotes Wallpaper or Pillow Cover

  • Book quotes on pillow covers
  • Bookish pillow cover
  • Unique gift for a booklover

Seeing ‘It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you’ written on the wallpaper in a room. Hugging a pillow that reads, ‘After all this time? Always.”

Book quotes on things book lovers use often or as a part of their home décor are charming gifts for them. Get to know your booklover and their favourite quotes and have them done on a wallpaper/pillow cover in a beautiful design. If you don’t get a chance to know about their beloved book quotes, you can pick random quotes about reading. Think ‘one more chapter’ or ‘so many books, so little time.’

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2. Harry Potter Inspired Bookmark

Enchanting Snitch bookmark

If the giftee is someone who loves creative and fancy bookmarks, then you must gift them this. If they are a Potterhead, then it’s the best gift for them.

This is a Harry Potter themed bookmark featuring the snitch. It has an intricately designed bronze coloured metal attached with a tiny glass orb that hangs from the curved edge used to mark the pages. The orb is the center of attention in this bookmark with dandelion seeds showing their pretty face from inside it. Now that’s a perfect mystical gift for fans of the series.

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3. Harry Potter Mother of Erised Chain Necklace

Mother of Erised necklace

For a book lover who is a special someone to you, you won’t mind spending a good amount on their gift. If that is the case, it is recommended to get this stunning Mother of Erised Chain Necklace- an epitome of simplicity and enchantment merged into one- for them. But make sure they are a fan of Harry Potter and female 🤭

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4. The Zen Box

Relaxing Zen box for a dark book reader

Reading mostly dark and disturbing genres and having the tendency to get too involved in the story can make someone anxious, restless, and highly emotional. For such kind of a reader, pick this soothing Zen box. The box consists of a colouring mandala book, 3 calming incense sticks, a beautiful incense stick holder, and 3 mindful art prints. This thoughtful box is what your agitated reader friend needs for constant relaxing breaks between their dark book reading.

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5. Book Earrings

  • Customised book earrings
  • Book earrings
  • Book cover book earrings

A woman. A book lover. An earring aficionado. What is the best gift for her? Book earrings!

Book earrings are-

So cute. So insanely innovative. And so gift-worthy. Whoever thought of these – a big salute to you or them from me. 🫡

There are bookshelf earrings, book quotes earrings, book cover earrings, and book shaped earrings to choose from. You get a lot of options on Etsy. There is also a custom book cover option wherein you can get the earrings custom made in the design of a particular book cover.

I will be gifting these to myself on my birthday.

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6. Reading Ready Hamper

Reading hamper

Reading can be tiresome and one may lose track of time and forget to feed themselves. That’s why most readers have specs because of a lack of proper nutrition. This is a joke. But what if one has tasty and healthy munchies along with a hot cuppa made within a minute by one’s side while one reads? The Reading Ready box from Omay Foods is the perfect gift for bookoholics that ensure they have a more pleasurable reading time. Each hamper contains healthy snacks such as roasted almonds, berries mix, millets and chana, etc., 2 tea premixes that can make strong, perfect tasting tea within seconds, and 2 bookmarks.

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7. Reading Lamp

  • Cute and colourful reading lamps
  • Attachable

I know what you are thinking, reading lamps are a passe gift idea for book lovers. But these are no usual reading lamps. These are tiny, come in a variety of colours, are pretty to look at, and come with a clip on. If a book lover is struggling to read their books at night, this is the lamp they have been waiting for. The cute little lamps can be clipped onto the pages with their strong light illuminating the pages perfectly. The night owls can enjoy their books without disturbing others or getting disturbed by others’ constant shouts of ‘switch off the lights!’

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8. Book Bag

Book bag

Book lovers are always looking for bags that can hold all their things plus a few books. And a bag totally dedicated to books is a must-have. These simple and essential book bags are designed with colourful and stylish reading quotes. They are sturdy enough to hold large number of books of all sizes. Made of cotton, they are super comfortable to carry. No more notorious plastic bags when such attractive, sturdy, and eco-friendly book bags are around. Plus, it’s so cool to go book shopping with a bookish tote bag.

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9. Book Scented Candles

  • Library scented candle
  • Immortals of Meluha scented candle
  • Harry Potter pumpkin juice scented candle

A fragrance that makes a bibliophile feel he/she has stepped into a library. Or a scent that reminds them of their favourite books or characters. That’s the power of book scented candles. As unique as this gift is, you will be surprised to find so many options available. You can choose candles that smell like books with a hint of wooden racks. The authentic library and book scent in the candles is created by mixing aged paper with cedarwood, sandalwood, and woody notes of vetiver, amber and leather.

Then there are candles inspired by literary characters! There’s Baker Street candle inspired by Sherlock Holmes house, Arabian Nights inspired by the fabled middle eastern stories, Swami’s Village inspired by Malgudi Days, and so many more.

You can choose a combination of library and book inspired candles for a perfect package.

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10. Book Planter

Book planter

For a book and plant loving person, this book planter is highly recommended. It has a cute design and will look good on a study table, office desk or center table. It is in a shape of a book having a hole in the middle with a drainage opening for planting real plants.

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If you are looking for more book gifting options, visit these best bookish gift sites in India and UK.






I hope you liked this book gift list and will choose to wrap one of these to say surprise to your bibliophile dear ones.

P.S. If you think books are the best gifts, please go ahead and gift a book. Just be mindful of these 7 book gifting rules.


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