A Piece of Cake

Poetry of life

It was a half baked cake with rich cream on top
We took one one piece for ourselves and gulped it down
Hmmm yum, I said
It’s not baked properly, it tastes bad, was your conclusion
In the evening
The same cake
The same us
You were having the half baked cake and saying
It tastes nice now!
And I after a bite said,
No, it does not
Throw it away!!!

Oh! How we change while the cake remains the same.

What meaning did you extract from this poem? I would love to hear your views.

For me, it is how our perspectives change from time to time and so easily towards things and situations (and people!) that remain the same. This is our power and can also prove to be a curse, if used wrongly. Take this piece of cake for example. Think that this cake represents a difficult situation. When life stuffs the half baked cake into your mouth, your first reaction is to cry. After some introspection and support from others you begin to see it differently. You begin to take it as a challenge. And now when you are forced to take a bite of the tasteless and unevenly baked cake, you smile.

Now take this cake to be a person. The person is dear to you but has a personality that is too negative. The person shows no signs of change. That person remains a half baked cake throughout. What do you do? Keep changing your perspective towards the person? Keep hating and loving the person? No! In this situation you should keep showing love to the person while maintaining a distance when things turn ugly. Here, you don’t have to change for a person who remains the same.


2 responses to “A Piece of Cake”

    • Yes, not being able to have it is understood but not being able to throw it away could be due to our attachment to it. True that.

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