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Bookish Confessions- You Might Relate to Some of These

Bookaholic, booklover, bookish- these are some of my favourite words related to my beloved passion. Like all readers, I too have some bookish confessions to make. If you are like me, you will definitely relate to these- let’s go.

I Have Never Read a Classic

The slow-moving tales often filled with tragedy and old language. I don’t have patience for them. Despite hearing marvelous things about Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Wuthering Heights, and the likes I just can’t read more than a page or two. I have tried reading one or two classics multiple times but have failed. I am so averse to classics that I haven’t even seen any of the movies based on them.

So I have never read a classic, and I don’t think I ever will.

I Can Hardly Resist Buying New Books

Which booklover wouldn’t confess to this? The thought of shifting books from cart to buy now is alluring. It doesn’t matter if I have just made a purchase a few days ago or if I have still enough books left to be read. It takes all my willpower to pass by a bookstore or stall without buying any books.  

I am Always Curious to Know What Other People are Reading

This is one of the ways to get book recommendations! While travelling you meet so many other booklovers with books in their hands. They are either reading them or holding them with the book’s back cover facing you. -Oh! Turn it around so that I can see the title!

I am always curious to know what my fellow travellers are reading. Sometimes I feel delighted to find a favourite book or more curious to see an unknown title. Once while commuting by train, I saw a woman with a book called Room with an interesting picture of a woman holding a little boy (it was a movie poster). I had never heard of this one. I searched the book and I don’t know why but ended up watching the movie instead of reading the book. That’s why movie covers on books irk me. This takes me to my next bookish confession.

I Dislike Books with Movie Covers

This somehow feels like an attack on my imagination even before I have entered the new world. I like to see the characters and their stories in my head and not be forced to believe what the hero and heroine look like, courtesy of someone else’s imagination. They should not upgrade all the book copies with the movie poster, some should be the original ones so people can pick according to their likes and not be left without any choice.

Chetan Bhagat is One of My Favourite Authors

I am a proud Chetan Bhagat fan. Go ahead, judge me. But on a serious note, why do people hate Chetan Bhagat so much? His One Night at a Call Center, Five Point Someone, 2 States, and Half Girlfriend (what’s with the numbers in the titles, though?) are so good; they have been turned into movies as well. Yes, he has some cringe-worthy and boring books to his credit too but hey, he is a good storyteller. If you are going to judge him for his writing and overlook the story part then you are not doing justice to him. And you are not a good critic. Biasness doesn’t work anywhere.

I Can’t Read Ebooks or Listen to Audiobooks

Any reading that is done beyond the physical book is not for me. I don’t enjoy reading unless I have a book in hand and audiobooks just don’t click with me. I prefer reading the story as opposed to listening to it.

Hardcovers are so Not Cool

Who created hard book covers? Why?? The soft covers feel so lovely when you hold the book and you don’t have to bother about damaging them. With hardcovers, you have to be so careful and they make holding and reading the book a pain and they just don’t fit into your bag the way a paperback does. Nothing is beautiful about hardcovers.

I Judge a Book by its Name

The saying is to not judge a book by its cover (I do that too!!!) and not by its name. So I take it to mean you can feel free to judge a book by its title. The name of the book should connect with me and more with the story. It should have some meaning, should appeal to me, and add to the intrigue about the book. So I steer clear from books with titles like The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***.

Here is a list of some weird book titles that you should check out.

I am Not Addicted to Books

Yep. Despite being a big lover of books, I can manage without them for quite a few days or when there is no time or the right place to read them. Take for example, I am going through a rough patch and can’t focus on reading, I am visiting relatives or exploring a place that leaves zero time for reading, or I have all the time in the world but I am feeling too bored to pick a book. Although this happens very rarely, I can’t deny that I won’t go crazy if I don’t read for a day or two or days in a row.

Which ones did you relate to? Which other bookish confessions would you want to make? I would like to know.

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