A Book Every Writer Must Have

Read How to be a Writer by Ruskin Bond

Are you struggling with your write-up? Are you looking for a boost to make your writing shine and get better?

There is a book by a very famous author that can help writers, both beginners and experienced, hone their craft and take it to the next level. It is…

How To Be a Writer by Ruskin Bond.

Why Every Writer Must Read This Book?

How to be a Writer by Ruskin Bond

Because this is a book by a writer who has an experience of 70 years and has written over 500 books, which include short stories, novels, and essays. The book gives useful advice with examples in the easy-to-grasp signature Bond language. The illustrations liven up the book and stop it from taking a serious tone as is often seen in books about writing and self-help. Plus, it’s a quick read; it will hardly take a few days and, for the most ardent readers, a few hours to finish.

How is this Book Beneficial to Writers?

Illustrations in How to be a Writer book

I greatly benefitted from this book and I think you will too. Read this book when you are out of ideas and feeling no motivation for writing. Because this book fills you with encouragement- you feel like opening your laptop or notebook and start writing that long-abandoned thought for a book, poem or article. This is the greatest achievement of any how-to book- it should motivate you and make you feel positive about your passion. And as every acclaimed writer says, reading is the stepping stone to becoming a successful writer, at the end of the book, you will find many book recommendations by Ruskin Bond.

Keeping it short like the book, I’ll sign off with this. How to be a Writer by Ruskin Bond is a small and delightful book that will help you in your writing journey, motivate you to take action on the thoughts roaming in your head, and serve as a guide whenever you encounter the detested writer’s block.

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