Book Review- Ashramed: From Chaos to Calm

Author– Dahlia Sen Oberoi

Total Pages– 269

Genre– Biographical, Motivational, Spiritual, Healthy Living

This is a delightful book by first time author- Dahlia Sen Oberoi- sister of singer Palash Sen. Here’s my review of Ashramed.

What’s the Story?

This is probably the first book on health and wellbeing that I have ever read, and enjoyed. The charming name, book cover and storyline attracted me and made me want to enter the world of this woman in her early 50s who is trying to find the other balance of her life – the calmer, more spiritual side after working non stop for 28 years as a lawyer. She has a dream of teaching a combination of Yoga and kathak as a means for staying fit. And so she decides to leave behind her family and go on a month-long trip to an Ashram for a Yoga Teacher’s training course.

What’s Likeable?

This book is like those movies that have the right amount of entertainment and deep meaning story placed well together. There is laughter inducing moments and some moments that put you deep in thought.

At the end of each chapter, there are short lines that summarise the whole chapter. They are the highlights of the book. There are also some illustrations that add to the fun of reading this book.

If you are a language Nazi, you will find great satisfaction in the author ripping apart English spellings and its pronunciations of Hindi words. I found this dissection a little too much and deviating from the main story but if you are a language enthusiast, you will enjoy it.

4.5 Stars

Although this book sometimes gets too preachy and difficult to read, it is a delightful pick. If you are spiritually inclined, about to try something new or take on something challenging, this book will surely uplift your spirits and make you feel more confident about your pursuits.

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