Book Review- Five Little Pigs

Book Review- Five Little Pigs

Author– Agatha Christie

Detective– Hercule Poirot

Pages– 336

Mystery Type– Past crime solved in the present

The Story

In Five Little Pigs, a daughter wants to find out whether her mother really killed her father for which she was sentenced. She approaches Hercule Poirot to solve the crime. He goes back in time to find out the truth. Five people were there at the time of the tragedy, which happened years ago. Hercule Poirot uses his famous grey cells to go back into the past and see what actually happened and who really killed Amyas Crale.

The Pace

Agatha Christie is at her best here. She writes flowingly without adding anything that feels unnecessary. The fast-paced writing plus the mysterious plot make you sail through it. Also, the touch of poetry adds a mystifying feel which is very alluring.


5/5 Stars

Five Little Pigs is highly recommended for Agatha Christie and murder mystery fans. Don’t miss reading this beautiful, stunning, and masterful crime novel.

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