This Music Video Brings Music and Books Together So Beautifully

Music video by Rashmeet Kaur

Have you seen the latest music video of Rashmeet Kaur – Tere Bin Laage? Rashmeet Kaur is one of my favourite artists- she has a gorgeous voice and she mostly recreates Sufi and folk music to appeal to today’s audiences- which is so refreshing and makes us reform connections with our rich roots that we have long lost touch with.

Coming back to the music video. Thereโ€™s so much to like in it for lovers of books and music. First, there’s the soulful tune and heartful words. Then the nicely shot video adds more stars to the creation. To top it all, the music video features books! There are books kept on tables and the hero is shown as a reader and is seen reading in most parts.

Rashmeet Kaur is such an underrated artist. I was introduced to her very recently when a newspaper published her interview. She receives no whopping views and likes on YouTube. She doesn’t enjoy the kind of fandom that so many of her contemporaries, with no real talent, do. Why artists with great talent do not receive the recognition, attention, or love they deserve? I think because the kind of art they create is a little unusual. It is not meant for the public who only craves content that is entertaining but meaningless. People with no real interest in content that stirs up emotions in them, that makes them think, that makes them cry silently are not attracted by such artists. I think that is the reason these artists have such few loyal audiences- because people who appreciate this kind of art are very few. Maybe, if she had been more famous, I would have not been so late in discovering her.

Back to the music video that beautifully combines music and books again. Tere Bin Laage is a song with dual qualities of soothing your ears with its stunning tune and lyrics and delighting your eyes with its tastefully shot video with books. Hum it to nurse your broken heart and watch it to treat your eyes seeing books being a part of its story if you are a book lover.

Watch the full video here.

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