Book Review- One Indian Girl

Book Review- One Indian Girl

Author – Chetan Bhagat

Pages– 272

Genre– Fiction, romance, feminism

I finally made up my mind and read this book. Here is my review of One Indian Girl by Chetan Bhagat.

The Story

This story is about Radhika Mehta who is an incredibly successful investment banker. Her journey involves three men – two of them she had been in love with and one she is getting married to. The book starts with her family arriving at a hotel in Goa for her marriage and Radhika is unsure about her decision to marry this guy. To make things worse, both of her ex lovers arrive at her wedding scene wanting to get back with her. The story travels into the past and present telling us of her relationships with the two guys and why they didn’t work.

What’s Likable

I liked the relationship story of Radhika with the second guy Neel. Though it was morally wrong, the passion and love shown were quite exciting. The relationship with the first guy felt dull.

I liked the fact that Bhagat chose a story centered around a woman- her successful career and her feelings. The climax where Radhika confronts the three men in her life is applause worthy. The conversation about equal rights between men and woman are hard-hitting. They seem practical and make you think, why can’t these be implemented in our societies and minds?

The ending is very refreshing and makes you smile. That’s where this book wins where it loses for its story.

What’s Not Likable

Radhika Mehta is not likable, but tolerable. Her inner dialogues with a person who is sitting inside her called mini me were very irritating. Thank goodness the author kept the dialogues to the minimum otherwise, it would have been an annoying read.

Is It Worth Reading?

Yes! It is a one time read but the message the author wants to convey is worth it. Read it for its interesting time shifting plot, romance, a truly genuine take on equality, and satisfying ending. It’s not a great one but it’s still worth your time.

3.5/5 Stars

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