Travel with Books- How to Choose Books for Journeys

Humans can undoubtedly make for great travel buddies but if you are travelling alone or with someone who you would rather not travel with, then books make for the perfect company.

Whether you are traveling to your workplace or to a holiday destination miles away, the right book can make the journey seem less ardent and longer. But how do you choose the right books to take along when travelling? Here are some tips.

Pick Books About Journeys

This one is obvious. Reading about a journey while you are on a journey is quite enticing. It makes your actual journey quick and enjoyable. It’s best when you have a long way to go which is maybe not a comfortable ride.

Read Some Chapters Before Taking That Book Along

Taking a new book can be tricky on a journey. If you don’t like the book, you’ll be stuck with it throughout, unless you chance upon a bookstore and don’t mind spending some bucks on a new pick. But then too you won’t know whether that book will be worth it. So the safe option is to start the book days before you go on the journey. This way you’ll know whether you are enjoying the book and deem it fit to take it along with you.

Still, this doesn’t guarantee you will enjoy the book on your journey like you did back home. I took Ashramed along with me once while travelling out of town. I okayed the book to take along after a couple of chapters in but it proved a wrong choice as the book suddenly became heavy and deep and it did not help me while waiting for my next train which was more than 6 hours away. So either choose an out-and-out comedy or an entertaining and light read.

Pick a Book from the Railway Station or Airport

If you are not sure about any books in your personal collection, or forget to pack one, you have the option to pick one right before starting your journey. Railway stations are filled with bookshops and airports of course have them. You can select a light and funny read and make sure you look forward to your journey with extra excitement. Though books at airports are very expensive, I just found out that you can return them after reading. There’ a read-and-return policy at airports- buy the book, read it, and then return it at any store of the company, and get half your money back. Just make sure you have the bill with you. I need to try this one.

Carry Two Books

When you have a sad or heavy book which is half read and you are journeying soon, then what do you do? Try to finish it before the upcoming journey. If it’s not possible, take one light book along with the heavy one. This way you’ll know you have a light-hearted book to compensate for the sad book.

Or you can carry two short books so you have a variety in reading in one journey.

Pick a Light Read

You are supposed to enjoy your journey and not feel sad about a character and his/her story. So it is advisable to choose light and/or funny books to accompany you on your sojourns.

But No Laugh Out Louds

Because you won’t be able to laugh out loud in public. Unless you are the kind who doesn’t mind what others think of you, don’t take a funny book with you outside. They are to be enjoyed alone in the freedom of your room. Mind you, even reading hilarious books amidst family folks can be dangerous and invite trouble. Steer clear.

Suspense and Thrillers are a No No Too

If you don’t want to be stranded at the airport or railway station, listen to me when I say DO NOT pack a racy thriller in your luggage.

Sad and dark plots are still fine but a racy thriller will surely make you miss your destination.

I missed my station twice and almost missed it once while reading Dan Brown. Speaking from experience, this girl is.

Some Book Recommendations to Make Your Journeys More Enjoyable

Here are some of the books you will enjoy when moving towards your destination.

Links to the books-

Anything for you, Ma’am

Penguin Book of Indian Railway Stories

Mrs Funnybones: She’s just like You and a lot like Me

Roads to Mussoorie

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown


Getting Granny’s Glasses

Premchand Selected Stories 1

Happy reading while journeying. 🤗

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