Book Review- The Calling

Author– Priya Kumar

Pages– 150

Genre– Inspirational, personal development

My sister received this book from the author. Since she doesn’t read, she passed it to me. I kept it, although I knew I might never touch this one- I am not a self-help/motivational book reader. But I decided to give it a shot with zero expectations and a preconceived notion that it is going to be endlessly boring and preachy. 

I was so wrong!

What’s the Book About?

Arjun has so many things going wrong in his life- his career, his marriage, and his mental health. The book starts with Arjun meeting with an accident while driving his car. He gets miraculously saved by a Sadhu. The Sadhu asks him to go on a journey with a strange command if he wants to set his life right. This is only the beginning of a series of events that seem set by the universe itself to let Arjun discover the truth about himself and his problems.

What’s Likable?

The Calling is likable from the start but for me, it picks up pace when Arjun starts on the journey to the Himalayas. It gets more and more interesting and enlightening after this. I couldn’t believe I was reading an inspirational book with such mounting interest. The book is highly engrossing with its fiction storyline and it makes you think about your own life through incidents and encounters happening in the central character’s life. The ending was highly satisfying. No wonder the author has won so many awards for her work. I will definitely check out her other books.

A Personal Touch

The author has taken an effort to add a personal note to her readers at the start. It is a handwritten note talking about the book and how it can help you. It makes one feel extremely special and adds a unique touch to it.

5/5 Stars

An impressive story, simple writing, and a message of self-awareness and realisation come together in this highly engrossing and motivating book. It encourages you to live your best life and to take responsibility for your karma and its resultant fruit. This book speaks to you; anyone who is going through a tough phase in life will relate to it and find solace in it. This story feels like the story of all of us and not just Arjun.  

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