10 Books I Can Read Multiple Times

As a reader, you might have come across books that refuse to leave your heart, making a permanent home there. I too have found such books.

These are the books I am happy to forget after reading them so that I can read them and lose myself in their wonderful world again and again and again.

Harry Potter Series

I have lost count of the number of times I have read the entire series. I first read it when I was in the first year of college or 11th standard. My love affair with it has continued till now when I am a working adult. So, where was I? Yes, the Boy Who Lived….

And oh! There’s a new TV series coming based on the books with a decade long run. Maybe I’ll watch it, or maybe I won’t. But I will definitely re-read and keep re-reading the series till I grow old and am not able to read anymore.

The Shiva Trilogy

The same goes for this one. I have read this series thrice or four times, I think. A brilliant saga marrying mythology with fantasy, each book in the Shiva trilogy only becomes better. Shiva and Sati’s love story is what adds soul to this adventure and mystery packed series. I just didn’t like the way the series ended. It feels incomplete and unsatisfactory. That’s the only complaint I have with it.

Me Before You (Book 1 of a Triology)

Will 😍

This is the first book I read of Jojo Moyes and I haven’t moved over it to read her other books. Me Before You is so feel-good, so romantic, and so sad- it makes me want to read it all over again to experience the feelings afresh.

I found out there is a sequel of the book much later and picked it up immediately though half-heartedly because how can the story be any good without Will in it? And I was right in my feelings because I did not like After You at all. I skipped several pages and chapters. Then there is another book completing the trilogy named Still Me. This one was much better because there is a guy who looks like Will in this one. But then it too failed to match up to the romance and magic of Me Before You.

The Palace of Illusions

I think The Palace of Illusions is Chitra Banerjee’s best work till date. I haven’t enjoyed reading her other books as much as this one let alone them be on my favourite book list. This book is very close to my heart. I am in love with this piece of the finest jewel in literature. Thank you, Ma’am!


If ever feel-goodness could be personified and not just be a feeling one experiences, it would be in the form of this book. It is brimming with feel-goodness- I am mostly smiling when reading this book. This is the author’s only book and I think she doesn’t need another. She has established herself as an author who will be remembered forever for her brilliant work. At least by me.


This book is not just funny but also quite uplifting and motivating. The story is quirky yet beautiful with memorable characters. I especially want to mention the scene in which Matilda goes to visit her teacher. The description of the road leading up to Matilda’s teacher’s home is so soothing. The description of the place is so warm. Although it’s a pitiful scene because the teacher is very poor, I get a feeling of wanting to live in a place like that.

The Best of Ruskin Bond

My list cannot be complete without a book by Ruskin Bond. His words work like magic on my mood- taking them a notch higher- whether I am in a sour or a happy mood, his stories always make me feel happier than I am. This book has a collection of the author’s best works and so is very dear to me.

Premchand- Selected Stories Part 1

Premchand took away my heart with the very first book I read of his. This book is a translated work in English by Anupa Lal which I actually stole from my cousin’s home. Yup! *Embarrassed laughter.

Some of the stories in the book are so good, I thought I need this book to savour them whenever I want to.

Half Girlfriend

I love the love story shown in this. Especially the last scene where Madhav runs to get to Riya- it is so soulful. I can read this blissful and sad story of love multiple times.

Five Point Someone

This is another book by the author that has remained in my heart since the first time I read it. I love going back to the story when I need a good laugh, a dose of nostalgia for the good old days, and experience the ending that leaves me with a smiling sadness every time.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of these books. What about you? Which are the books that you can go back to and read multiple times?


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