How to Deal with Reading FOMO

Come out of FOMO in reading- Yoursbookfully

You try to avoid posts and reels that talk lavishly about characters or scenes from books you are yet to read.

You question your reading tastes when everyone is talking about loving a particular book you have not even heard of.

You doubt yourself as a voracious reader when there are piles of books waiting to be read by you on your TBR list.

Welcome to the reading FOMO club! Yes, you are not alone. Being a book lover and a book blogger, I always have this feeling that I am missing out on a lot of books. The feeling is not good especially when you are trying to get noticed amidst a sea of other book lovers.

If you too have been feeling reading FOMO for quite some time, there’s no point in ignoring the problem at hand any further. Come, let’s address reading FOMO and rise out of it, never to be bothered by it again.

There’s No Shame in Accepting You Have Reading FOMO

There’s no way you can read all that you want to read. There will always be work to do, people to meet, places to see, and other things that will come in, leaving no room for books. And that is fine as long as you are okay with letting go for a little while. There is nothing wrong with you, you are not de-utilising your time. Pick up reading only when you are in the mood and find time for it even amidst your busy schedule.

Every Reader is Unique

Some swear by mythological fiction. Some are fans of romance. Some can’t think beyond sci-fi. I have an allergy to non-fiction. Sometimes we feel dejected for missing out on genres that we have no taste for. This is so illogical.

There have been times when I have been suggested non-fiction books because they would add value to my skills or enlighten me. But I have, till date, never enjoyed reading non-fiction.

How many times have you been influenced by those Instagram reels and posts by your favourite bloggers to read a book out of your liked genre? And how many times have you given in only to feel uncomfortable and not enjoyed it at all? It is important to know what makes you want to read books and not let your love for them get affected by books that are not meant for you.

Your Personality Co-Relates with Your Reading Tastes

So what if you have a penchant for mysteries and use your grey cells as much as possible even if it is for finding the lost needle at home? You will naturally like books that are about crime and investigation. It’s okay to stick to a particular genre that resonates with your personality and avoid all that is out of it- no matter how good or famous the book is or how many people are reading and talking about it.

Your Time, Your Books, Your Pace

Consider yourself enjoying a book only when you read it at your own pace. If there are days when you feel satisfied reading a single page or feel like not reading at all, so be it. Don’t compete in things you are passionate about. Don’t go into a blaming game on the duties that kept you busy throughout the day or yourself for not loving your books enough.

Kick Out FO from MO

Phew! I needed this to assure myself that I am still the reader I think I am and all these things will not come in the way of my liking for books. If this assured you too, I will be the most satisfied person today.

Know this- missing out on anything you like and enjoy will be constant, just don’t let the fear accompany it. Let it be MO (missing out) without FO (fear of).

Don’t let reading FOMO get to you. Happy reading!😊

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