A Tale of Two Pigeons

Once there were two pigeons Looking for homes for themselves They wanted to build their nests where they could live together forever But where could they build it? As far as their eyes could see There were buildings upon buildings The buildings stood where there were trees once The pigeons' real home So they looked… Continue reading A Tale of Two Pigeons

Whatever You Seek You are Seeking Yourself

She left her earthIn search of the sun On and on she went But couldn't find the giant burning ball"Did you see the sun? Did you see the sun?"Thus she would ask Saturn, Moon, Galaxies and whatever else she metBut she couldn't find the flaming torchAnd she reached the end of the skyIf the vast… Continue reading Whatever You Seek You are Seeking Yourself

Your Laughter

We are watching a comedy show The jokes are good You are laughing non stop But I am sitting quietly Listening to your laughter's voice The soft ripples followed by a deafening crackle The sound of your laughter Takes me to all the happy places in my mind For me Joy doesn't comes from our… Continue reading Your Laughter