All of Us are Living Under His Kind, Watchful Gaze

A man who is the poorest person of all. He has nobody. He sleeps anywhere he finds a place. He remains hungry for months and months and whatever he gets to eat are scrapes and leftovers. He gets into the ladies’ compartment of a local train, not knowing or caring that it is only for… Continue reading All of Us are Living Under His Kind, Watchful Gaze

They Never Get Caught- Book Review

Have you experienced this? You see your favourite name on your favourite thing and you are compelled to buy it? I am not a fan of spooky stories but when I saw this book in a book cafe, compiled and edited by Ruskin bond, I had to pick this up. Here is my review of… Continue reading They Never Get Caught- Book Review

Can You (Not) Keep a Secret?

Hey my dear, how are you? It has been a month since I gave you this letter. I am happy you have done as told- to not open the letter till a month goes by. I can understand how difficult it must have been to contain your curiosity, confusion and desire while you kept the… Continue reading Can You (Not) Keep a Secret?

The Buddha on the Street

It was a warm and bright morning, which was quickly about to turn into an afternoon. She is happy she chose this day to spend it outdoors. The road is filled with houses of different shapes and sizes. They are of different shades too. There are a huge number of trees and shrubs lining both… Continue reading The Buddha on the Street

Best Collection of Short Stories- ‘Souled’ Out by Tahira Kashyap

Saying a lot with fewer words is a talent that only a handful of writers are blessed with. That is why maybe, there is a large audience for short stories than long novels. Another reason that short stories receive so much love might be because they are easier to grasp and tell you an enjoyable… Continue reading Best Collection of Short Stories- ‘Souled’ Out by Tahira Kashyap

A Chance Meeting

I saw him today. He was sitting on the lone bench under that beautiful tree in that soothing garden, immersed in his…what was he reading? Ah! A newspaper. Except, it didn’t look like one. He held it so reverently, it didn’t seem like a newspaper at all but a beloved piece of written work. His… Continue reading A Chance Meeting

Lover in the Sky

Moon in the Night Sky

The platform no. 6 is crowded. Crowded is an understatement; it is so filled with people that you cannot even see the platform below!Some of the people on the platform are so restless that they cannot stand in one place and keep bumping into others, and some look so tired that they can't even move… Continue reading Lover in the Sky