• How to Deal with Reading FOMO

    Come out of FOMO in reading- Yoursbookfully

    You try to avoid posts and reels that talk lavishly about characters or scenes from books you are yet to read. You question your reading tastes when everyone is talking about loving a particular book you have not even heard of. You doubt yourself as a voracious reader when there are piles of books waiting…

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  • My Latest Post is Not On My Blog

    Disclaimer– Please overlook the unrelated image. As I am always late for everything in life- a fact that I have brilliantly lamented about in this post. I am late for posting about my latest post that is not on my site but on someone else’s. For the first time in my one year of blogging,…

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  • My Dream Book Cafe

    Start of dream It’s 11 am. A slight breeze is touching my cheeks. I cannot feel the air on any other part of my body because I am fully covered from head to toe. It’s winter. So what am I doing outside in this chilly weather this early in the morning? It’s this bookstore! It…

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