• This Music Video Brings Music and Books Together So Beautifully

    Music video by Rashmeet Kaur

    Have you seen the latest music video of Rashmeet Kaur – Tere Bin Laage? Rashmeet Kaur is one of my favourite artists- she has a gorgeous voice and she mostly recreates Sufi and folk music to appeal to today’s audiences- which is so refreshing and makes us reform connections with our rich roots that we…

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  • Why I Prefer Being Alone

    Happiness in Aloneness

    -There is no fear of anyone judging me for the things I say, for the way I look at things, for the way I behave. -No one questions my quiet nature or urges me to speak even when I have nothing to say. -I do not have to worry about whether someone understands me or…

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  • A Piece of Cake

    Poetry of life

    It was a half baked cake with rich cream on topWe took one one piece for ourselves and gulped it downHmmm yum, I saidIt’s not baked properly, it tastes bad, was your conclusionIn the eveningThe same cakeThe same usButYou were having the half baked cake and sayingIt tastes nice now!And I after a bite said,No,…

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