A Tale of Two Pigeons

Once there were two pigeons Looking for homes for themselves They wanted to build their nests where they could live together forever But where could they build it? As far as their eyes could see There were buildings upon buildings The buildings stood where there were trees once The pigeons' real home So they looked… Continue reading A Tale of Two Pigeons

5 Romance Books to Cuddle up With

Valentine’s Day was yesterday. I am not a big fan of the day (one day in a year for love?!?) but it made me want to talk about love. Talk about books about love, that is. A romance book can never go out of fashion. No matter how many you read, you can never be… Continue reading 5 Romance Books to Cuddle up With


Outside Home "HEY YOU, MISTER!" The mister, tentatively, turned, And, with a smile, asked, "Yes, sir?" "Park your car in your original space, not here below my window." The owner of the words growled. Still smiling, he said, "I was doing just that sir, you see, there was work going on over my parking space… Continue reading Behaviour

How to De-Stress

Stress has become a part of our lives; don’t you think so? In the place of being carefree and jovial, our entire being is surrounded by constant fear and worry. We have made ourselves so habitual to stress that we find reasons to be in it every minute of our lives. If we are not… Continue reading How to De-Stress