Why I Prefer Being Alone

Happiness in Aloneness

-There is no fear of anyone judging me for the things I say, for the way I look at things, for the way I behave. -No one questions my quiet nature or urges me to speak even when I have nothing to say. -I do not have to worry about whether someone understands me or… Continue reading Why I Prefer Being Alone

A Tale of Two Pigeons

Once there were two pigeons Looking for homes for themselves They wanted to build their nests where they could live together forever But where could they build it? As far as their eyes could see There were buildings upon buildings The buildings stood where there were trees once The pigeons' real home So they looked… Continue reading A Tale of Two Pigeons

Rising or Setting Sun- Your Pick?

Sunrise or sunset- which one do you love the most? I like the sunset the most. Nothing else compares to the joy and nice feeling I get from it. How wonderful it will be I imagine, sitting every day and not doing anything. Just sit beside the setting sun. How soothing that would be! You… Continue reading Rising or Setting Sun- Your Pick?

Whatever You Seek You are Seeking Yourself

She left her earthIn search of the sun On and on she went But couldn't find the giant burning ball"Did you see the sun? Did you see the sun?"Thus she would ask Saturn, Moon, Galaxies and whatever else she metBut she couldn't find the flaming torchAnd she reached the end of the skyIf the vast… Continue reading Whatever You Seek You are Seeking Yourself

How to De-Stress

Stress has become a part of our lives; don’t you think so? In the place of being carefree and jovial, our entire being is surrounded by constant fear and worry. We have made ourselves so habitual to stress that we find reasons to be in it every minute of our lives. If we are not… Continue reading How to De-Stress

Can You (Not) Keep a Secret?

Hey my dear, how are you? It has been a month since I gave you this letter. I am happy you have done as told- to not open the letter till a month goes by. I can understand how difficult it must have been to contain your curiosity, confusion and desire while you kept the… Continue reading Can You (Not) Keep a Secret?

Dancing Under the Stars

It was a beautiful, beautiful evening. It was dressed in its stunning two tone of deep purple and light black. I too dressed to match the approaching night. Together we looked like sisters separated by bodies. Suddenly, I could see a a tiny star twinkling. Then one, two and then so many! And lo! I… Continue reading Dancing Under the Stars