A Piece of Cake

Poetry of life

It was a half baked cake with rich cream on topWe took one one piece for ourselves and gulped it downHmmm yum, I saidIt's not baked properly, it tastes bad, was your conclusionIn the eveningThe same cakeThe same usButYou were having the half baked cake and sayingIt tastes nice now!And I after a bite said,No,… Continue reading A Piece of Cake

Whatever You Seek You are Seeking Yourself

She left her earthIn search of the sun On and on she went But couldn't find the giant burning ball"Did you see the sun? Did you see the sun?"Thus she would ask Saturn, Moon, Galaxies and whatever else she metBut she couldn't find the flaming torchAnd she reached the end of the skyIf the vast… Continue reading Whatever You Seek You are Seeking Yourself