A Book Every Writer Must Have

Read How to be a Writer by Ruskin Bond

Are you struggling with your write-up? Are you looking for a boost to make your writing shine and get better? There is a book by a very famous author that can help writers, both beginners and experienced, hone their craft and take it to the next level. It is… How To Be a Writer by… Continue reading A Book Every Writer Must Have

10 Unique Gifts for People Who Love to Read

Have you run out of ideas for what to give your book-loving friend? Bored of the usual mugs, book sets, diaries, and gift cards? Here are 10 brilliantly unique gifts to surprise the book lovers in your life with. 1. Book Quotes Wallpaper or Pillow Cover Seeing ‘It would be a privilege to have my… Continue reading 10 Unique Gifts for People Who Love to Read

5 Romance Books to Cuddle up With

Valentine’s Day was yesterday. I am not a big fan of the day (one day in a year for love?!?) but it made me want to talk about love. Talk about books about love, that is. A romance book can never go out of fashion. No matter how many you read, you can never be… Continue reading 5 Romance Books to Cuddle up With

Have You Visited This Market in Pune Dedicated to Book Lovers?

Pune seems to take its love for reading seriously. How then do you explain the so many bookstores and bookstalls meeting you at every random turn? And a market solely dedicated to books? Now that’s taking your love to a whole new level. On my Pune visit I went to a bookstore and this book… Continue reading Have You Visited This Market in Pune Dedicated to Book Lovers?

A Must-Visit Quaint Bookstore in Pondicherry

Bookstore in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is vibrant with its French style architectural buildings, lively beach spots, and picturesque cafes serving delicious meals and beverages. One thing that the place is not so well known for is its bookstores. This needs to change, I feel. Although, I have been to just one bookstore in Pondicherry, it was enough to make… Continue reading A Must-Visit Quaint Bookstore in Pondicherry

Krishna Prophecy – Half Book Review

I don’t know whether you are allowed to do this, but I couldn’t stop myself from posting a half review of this book. Out of its 290 pages, I have read 120 of them and stopped. The prospect of reading the thousands of years old tale through a boy of today felt so exciting and… Continue reading Krishna Prophecy – Half Book Review

They Never Get Caught- Book Review

Have you experienced this? You see your favourite name on your favourite thing and you are compelled to buy it? I am not a fan of spooky stories but when I saw this book in a book cafe, compiled and edited by Ruskin bond, I had to pick this up. Here is my review of… Continue reading They Never Get Caught- Book Review

Ladies’ Tailor- Book Review

On August 15, 2022, India celebrated Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav- its 75th Independence Day. To mark this important year, people celebrated it in various ways. Book lovers celebrated it with books dedicated to that time and era. A HarperCollins newsletter about Independence Day books had Ladies’ Tailor as one of the recommendations and I instantly… Continue reading Ladies’ Tailor- Book Review

A Chance Meeting

I saw him today. He was sitting on the lone bench under that beautiful tree in that soothing garden, immersed in his…what was he reading? Ah! A newspaper. Except, it didn’t look like one. He held it so reverently, it didn’t seem like a newspaper at all but a beloved piece of written work. His… Continue reading A Chance Meeting

Book Review- Anxious People

Anxious People- Book Review

Anxious People is a bestselling novel by Fredrik Backman and has an equally popular Netflix series based on it. This is my second Fredrik Backman novel after A Man Called Ove and here’s what I thought about it. Pages- 390 Reading Level- Medium to difficult. Who Will Love it- Everyone as it imparts a great… Continue reading Book Review- Anxious People